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A Christmas Tree Miracle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—time for Christmas movies!!

Last night I settled into my recliner and watched “A Christmas Tree Miracle.” In this movie, the George family is going along “enjoying” the things of this world. Most of the family is dreading the Christmas season—continually complaining about this and that. They do what so many of us do. They focus on the wrong things during the Christmas season, and it is making them miserable.

Just before the holidays, the father unexpectantly loses his job. Slowly everything they loved and focused on was stripped from them. They lost it all, and they found themselves homeless.

When they had no place to go, they settle in on a pew at church where they spend the night. It’s there that they meet a man, and they begin to see the things that God was trying to show them.

When we stray from Him, when we focus on the things of this world, He will pull us back. He will pursue us and do what it takes to open our eyes. He will even strip us of everything in order for us to see what He sees. When He removes the things that blind us, we can see Him more clearly.

When the George family finally saw more clearly what God was trying to get them to see, a miracle happened. They got their breakthrough! It was so much more than they ever imagined, life-changing in so many ways.

That’s God.

Do you need a Christmas Tree Miracle? Is there something God is trying to get you to see? What do you need to remove from your life to see it more clearly?

We can’t experience all He has for us if we are too busy doing our own thing. We can’t see clearly if we are too busy doing all the things we believe others expect us to do. I have found it is necessary, critical even, to remember I have the power to use the two-little word “no” where it’s needed.

This time of year requires me to set boundaries and allow time in my busy schedule to restore. God always speaks to me during these times—even through a Christmas movie!