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A good road map will take
you where you need to go.

Navigating life ...

Life hasn't been all butterflies and rainbows for me.
I've been lost.
I have broken stories.
I've traveled on rough roads.

I get it, life is hard. It's messy. So messy.

I'm an ordinary gal willing to be vulnerable and honest about real-life struggles including abuse, depression, anxiety, and relationships. I wish these topics didn't exist but since we live in a fallen world, they do.

Let's grab our map and tackle life's tough issues.

Together, we can find a way—despite life's challenging situations.

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” Dolly Parton

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My motivation for writing is to guide you to your promised land so you can live an abundant life.

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teacher, mentor, coach

Helping you navigate the Bible and apply it to your life so you can obtain victory in every area.

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Equipping ministries with the tools they need to make a greater Kingdom impact.

Mentoring Caris


Over the past two decades, I have overcome tragic loss, survived broken relationships, and found victory over addictions. I believe God takes our messes and makes messages, and I have a lot of messages to share.

God has put us on this earth not just for ourselves. He teaches and nourishes us, and we are to do the same for others. The Bible instructs older women to train the younger ones. Despite my wrinkles, flapping arms, and being called an “older woman,” I love the season of life I am in. I sow into the younger ones through teaching the Word of God so they can be all that they were called to be.

Thankfully, younger women today have the desire to overcome difficulties and grow closer to Christ. They are putting fear aside and saying yes when no might be easier. They are choosing healthier foods for their families and using the Word of God to overcome whatever situation they are facing. They are showing up, standing up, and speaking up.

My desire is for the next generation to get to the Promised Land earlier in life than I did so they can live a long, fulfilling life here on earth.


One of my favorite jobs in the early 2000s was working at the Bellingham Community College's Writing Center in Washington State. Not only did I enjoy helping the students improve their essays and papers, but it was also where I fell in love with words.

My latest venture in my writing world has been submitting my first official book proposal. About a year ago I started writing a book, but then this past Spring, God kept showing me I needed to write a Bible study and teach it to some of my friends. As I sat down to write each lesson, God poured His words out so fast my typing fingers could hardly keep up with Him. When I shared with others the teachings God had given me, the encouraged me to bring my study to a publisher.

Now, I'm working with Suzanne Kuhn with Brookstone Creative Group to bring this God-given teaching to the world. Friends, God's hand is all over this study and I know God that He gave it to me to change someone's life—may be yours.

Suzanne and me
Shawna and Me at su

Consulting & Coaching

For almost 10 years, I have worked alongside Shawna Culp, a very special gift from God. She is my ministry side-kick and an important piece of my faith story.

Jesus has laid it on our hearts to help others in ministry to make a greater Kingdom impact. Although we do that in a number of ways, one way we feel we can help is making you look good! We understand that many ministries don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in branding or a new website, so we have come up with a system that we think is a win-win—we work for a cause.

Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

When you work with us, our non-profits reap the rewards. By hiring us for your design and marketing and tech needs, you give to the “least of these.”

Learn more about CaSh2 Consulting - Carol & Shawna working with a Higher power.


While I have experience teaching in front of a classroom, on a stage or through a computer screen, the place I love to spend the most time is around the table.

I want to know about your life. Your hopes and dreams. And where you are with God.

Meeting you at the table gives me an opportunity to discuss the struggles you are facing. It allows me to spread out my Bible and teach what the Word says about you and your circumstances so you can move forward in life.  

I invite you to pull up a chair so I can inspire you to use the power that the Word of God has for us. 

Bible Study at the Table
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Graphic Design

I started designing back in the cut & paste days, which was many moons ago. With the birth of the digital world, I returned to school to learned to design in a whole new creative way. Over the next decade, I designed for myself. Even when I worked for others, the end result was always about me, me, me.

But about ten years ago, God guided me in a different direction—He asked me to work for Him. At the time, I wasn't sure what that looked like, so for months nothing in my world changed. Then one day the song "Trust and Obey" would not stop playing in my mind, so I finally accepted the challenge and left my career in marketing and design.

Then in 2018, I spent some time in my "Imagination Station" where God whispered to me, "Help authors and speakers."

Click the button below to find out how I can help you make a greater Kingdom impact!