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Are you Normal?

The core of normal is the status quo, being just like everyone else—what we wear, how we look, what we buy, how we spend our free time.

It’s funny that the nitty gritty of being normal is forever changing. After all, the word ‘normal’ technically means “conforming to the stander or the common type, usual, regular.” In a sense, normal means something different depending on our every changing society, culture and generations.

You probably experienced the tension in middle or high school to be normal. To wear the same jeans, have the same backpack or hairstyles as your peers. Today we may watch HGTV or scroll through Pinterest to see what is “in” or “normal” in today’s culture.

Although what was normal in our early years does not apply to who we want to be today, however, the drive to be normal—to fit in, belong, and be like everyone else still impacts our life journey. We believe that being normal is safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, it always leads to mediocrity.

When we want to fit in with everyone one else, we give up our opportunity to be different. Today I want to encourage you to step out of the normal and strive to be different—to make a difference. You won’t know what God will do with one step forward, one hand raised, and a heart that says “yes” until you step out in courage.

What are you going to do today to stop striving to be like everyone else?

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