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Called to Create

“In the beginning, God created.”

The first thing that God reveals about himself is not that he is almighty, powerful, loving or gracious. The first thing He shows us is that He is a creator.

Many Christians don’t feel called to their work because they feel it needs to be more ‘eternally significant’ such as a pastor or over-seas missionary. But God calls us to do other things to better His Kingdom.

In the beginning, God called Adam to work as a gardener. Although we may be tempted to view this job title as “secular” or even “meaningless”, Adam’s work was important, meaningful and good in God’s eyes.

Adam was also given the job of “branding agent” as God brought the animals to Adam brought to see what he would call them; and whatever he called them, that was their name. (Genesis 2:20)

However, ever since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, work has been rough and laborious. God did not create to be bad, He designed to be a meaningful way for us to serve others, God and to bring glory to His name.

God calls us to big things and little things. He calls us to work, serve, and love. He calls us to be a speaker or a writer. He calls us to talk to our neighbor, encourage our friends, serve in our community, or give our marriage another try. Whatever He has called you to do, I pray you are faithful in using your calling to serve the Lord. When we do, He will use our work in ways we can’t even imagine.

What were you created to do? What has He called you to accomplish while you are still walking this earth? Comment below!

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