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Have you Forgotten The Key to Sure Success?

Rachel, whom I met at a Christian conference, admitted to me that she felt flat in her ministry. She was struggling in—and questioning–her ministry. As tears fell down her cheeks, she confessed to me her family life was complete chaos, and she needed some help balancing it all.

Many women, especially moms with kids still in the home, have a hard time balancing their family and their calling. I know. I have struggled with this myself and why Rachel found herself sitting at my table. In this particular conference, we had only 15 minutes together which isn’t much time to fuss with all the visions, history, and purpose of her particular ministry.      

So, I asked her, ‘Where are you turning for guidance? Who are you looking to find success in ministry and help with balancing it all?”

Wiping her tears, she looked up and told me all the things she’s done over the past year. She rattled off a long list which included reading books about ministry, meeting with a life coach, and attending conferences that helped women in ministry and business.

“Where is God telling you to go?” I asked.

“I feel He has led me to all of these avenues,” Rachel said with a questioning eye.

After a really tough season in her life, Rachel was sure that God was asking her to help other women who struggled in the same area. She was excited and immediately got the show on the road. The problem was she got so busy trying to get her ministry off the ground that she let her relationship with Christ slip a little bit. She figured that doing ministry work was spending time with Him, and she talked to Him throughout the journey. But what she forgot was how impacting spending time in the Word was. 

God wants us to thrive in our ministries, but He wants us to seek Him daily in all we do. He wants us to open His Word—His instruction manual—every day. He wants us to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal all we need to see to get us through the day.

James 1:5 tells us that if you want to know what Christ wants you to do, ask Him and he will gladly tell you. He’s ready to lay it in front of us when we sit at His feet. Rachel left our short meeting committing to dusting off her Bible to find the answers she searched for. When I followed up with her a few weeks after the conference, she said her time with Jesus had changed and, “It was a game-changer!”

Where do you get your knowledge to be successful in your ministry?

Although the places Rachel turned to are all great things, we must not dismiss how important, vital even, spending quality time with God is. God knows the way we should walk God, and He’s ready to tell us. His will is not for us to live in constant chaos but instead have a blessed and prosperous ministry.

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