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Just a little piece of my story...

In 2011, when my father left his earthly home, I began to ponder life and visualize my dear 'ole pops being greeted by our Lord who said, "Well done thou good and faithful servant." Would I hear those same words? Have I made a difference in the lives around me, in the world in which I live?

Over the next year, I had many God-encounters and decided He was asking me to give up my graphic designer and marketing business and go into ministry. It was a scary change, but one I felt I needed to make.

For the next five years, I was deep into ministry when I worked as a women's ministry administrator in a local megachurch. I had my hands in many different areas—teaching, creating, mentoring, in addition to the administrative task list. During those years, I co-wrote and taught a Bible study focusing on Faith and Food, which was as healing for me as it was for others. I believe we need to take care of our temple if we are going to flourish.

In 2017, I again felt like God was asking me to shift—to leave my position at our church. I, admittedly, fought it for much too long, loving my job and the women I worked with. Even though God was evident with His desire, I felt like I needed to know my "next" before I leave it all behind. It left me frustrated and anxious. Then my mentor asked me, "What do you think God is asking you to do—go and do or wait and see?

Sometimes faith means to put the impossible into action and other times faith means having the courage to wait on God.

So, I waited. And waited.

In early 2018, I was sitting in my "Imagination Station" where I ask God questions and write down whatever thoughts come to mind. One day I heard a whisper so I wrote, "help writers and speakers" in my notebook. Shortly after, God began to reveal my "next" which was precisely what I wrote down—to help writers and speakers. I'm still not sure exactly what He wants me to do, but I move forward each day in obedience. I might give someone and an encouraging word, help them launch their book, give them a tool to help them be more organized or build a website for their ministry. Whatever I do, I try to do it to the glory of God.

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I am extremely blessed and highly favored: 

I could not have accomplished all I have if it were not for my relationship with Jesus. He is my supplier of all good things including wisdom, favor, and creativity. When I get off track, He guides me back full of grace and favor.

God knew that I could not do this alone so He gave me a special gift to do ministry with, Shawna Culp. I am honored to call her my friend, partner and blessed to have her as my personal fixer-upper coach and the 'yin to my yang'. I will be forever grateful that God chose her to be in my life.

I also could not do ministry life without my supportive husband—who has to work hard at letting me have my own space in order to imagine, write and work. He's also the one often left with the shopping, cleaning, and ironing, which I am incredibly grateful for.


More Facts About Me:

My greatest passion: Jesus. I love having a relationship with Him as well as helping others to draw closer to Him by becoming more deeply rooted in His Word. He's the first place I go each morning where I find guidance, wisdom, grace, and love.

My family: I love spending time with family who is scattered across the United States—from sea to shining sea. Together, my husband Michael and I have six children and nine grandchildren.

My favorite humans: I love all the adults in my life, but my favorite humans are all the little people in my life. I treasure their little faces, cute smiles, and loving kisses.

My favorite foods: Although I love to eat healthy foods, if I were to go to a deserted island, I'd leave "Wilson" at home and insist the world's supply of chocolate comes with me. I love just about every variety, but I'll leave the coffee flavor behind. You're welcome.

How I spend my free time: When I have it, I love to spend it with a good book. I read at least 12 a year, but if I can squeeze more in, I do!

My favorite book: The Bible. But don't ask me what my favorite book of the Bible is. Just don't. Unless you have a jet and a hefty supply of chocolate, then, let's talk.

My favorite show: This Is Us. If you watch it, enough said, right? If you don't, don't waste your breath and words trying to sway me to your favorite—it's not going to happen.

My 2019 goal: To have my latest book proposal to a publisher by the end of the year. I might have to go to a deserted island, with my chocolate, so I can accomplish this goal, but it will happen.

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