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The Other Side of Your Yes

Originally written for Speak Up Conference Blog.

I was reading online the other day that there are over ONE MILLION books published every year. I know this number shouldn’t surprise me, but it does.  It always amazes me when I walk into the bookstore and see rows and rows of shelves jam-packed with books. I think to myself, why would I write a book? These books are presumably are saying the same thing I ought to say.

But recently I was reminded (once again) that God has asked me to write and, sadly, I have not been very obedient. When I heard His call, I came back with every excuse I could think of. “I’m not qualified. I lack knowledge. No one will take me seriously.” I was like Moses standing before God with several excuses why I could not fulfill what He was asking me to do.

It was a simple text I received this week that put my calling back into perspective. A friend sent me a photo of the book she just received in the mail, Made Like Martha. I recently read Katie Reid‘s book out of obedience. I was so quick to be “all in” when I felt like He was asking me to read, review and share Katie’s message. Not only did it impact me, but it was now in the hands of someone I dearly loved. Someone who has struggled for years with guilt for being a doer. Someone who needs to accept that she is loved not only for who she is but for how God made her—like Martha.

God called Katie to write this book, and out of obedience, this book is now sitting on one of those jam-packed shelves in the bookstores. I’m only guessing that writing a full book has its challenges, and one with a powerful message will undoubtedly tick the enemy off. But someone in need was waiting on the other side of her obedience, so Katie overcame it all it’s clear God’s hand is all over this book. On the day the book was launched, it hit #1 Best-Seller on Amazon in four of its categories! There is now an online book club here and a 5-day YouVersion reading plan. It’s a huge success.

But the success of the book is so much more than the numbers, the sales, and being on the Best Seller list. It’s about the lives that are being changed because one person heard the call and was obedient. I often listen to authors and speakers say, “If my words only touched one life, it was worth it.” So, Katie, it was worth it.

How about you? Has God asked you to SPEAK UP with a message others need to hear? Is there someone in need waiting for your obedience?

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been the most diligent in writing, but I’m ready to say “YES” to Him and be all in. When we say yes to Him, we not only experience His love, but we receive a treasure trove of the many blessings He has to offer.

The Speak Up family wants to know what you have said “YES” to. We want to encourage you, guide you and pray for you because you never know who is in need and waiting for your message.

Comment below if you have an area that you are not “all in” or tell us what you have said “yes” to.

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