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Benjamin Franklin

When taking a trip before Google Maps and MapQuest were around, I would often head down to the local AAA branch to plan my adventure. A travel agent would plan my trip in the most efficient way taking out the trusty highlighter to point out places of interest. The agent knew it was not just about the trip, it's also about all the things you do along the way.

This customizable and reliable spiral bound map was called a TripTik.

I want to be your Travel Agent. I want to help you plan your trip and highlight the areas that are too important to miss. I want to keep you from heading in the wrong direction or taking the wrong fork in the road.

Because God made us all unique with different callings our TripTiks are going to be different. Your road is going to be different than mine. That's why it's important we use the TripTik with the guidance of the Holy Spirit allowing Him to instruct you and keep you on the road to excellence.

"Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination."


How to run a Book Launch Team

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