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Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

For those of you who know or follow me or Words to Live By, you know I pick a word of the year every year. I begin asking for it in November and after I’d been waiting for my word for a few weeks with no message or word from God, it literally jumped off the page one quiet Sunday morning: 


There was something that stirred in me as I saw the word. I can’t explain the feeling, but somehow I knew I was finally receiving my word. 

I’ll take it. 

I’ll embrace it. 

I’ll take some extraordinary in my ordinary.  

At first, I thought I loved it because it was an “easy” word. In the past, I have had “hard” words like serve and surrender. But I’ve been doing a word of the year-long enough to know none of them are easy. You see, I have lessons to learn, I have faith to build up, and I have a gap in my relationship with Jesus that needs to be filled. 

So, I have my word, now what?

I know that in order to move from ordinary to extraordinary, I need to recognize God and look for the ways He is calling me as I walk my life on earth. I need to find Him in my ordinary-run-of-the-mill life. 

In order to move from ordinary to extraordinary, I need to understand the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is my willingness to be used for great things. 

But…  What if I believe I am not good enough?  What if I make excuses? What if If I am not willing to give up something I think I need?

Those “what ifs” may cause me to miss the extraordinary.  

Let’s look at what God did with some ordinary people in the Bible who saw great things.

• Moses was an ordinary shepherd carrying an ordinary stick/staff while feeding ordinary animals saw the Lord in a burning bush. 
• The woman at the well was an ordinary woman living in an ordinary town dealing with real-life struggles saw and chatted the Lord. 
• The boy who gave up his ordinary box lunch was used to feed thousands. 

Great things. 

He seeks YOU right in the middle of your everyday life just like He sought Moses, the woman at the well, and the boy with the bread and fish.

He seeks YOU in the midst of everyday life so He can reveal himself to you. 

Sometimes we expect to meet God only in a church and not in our ordinary places. So often our own desires and plans blur our vision keeping us from recognizing God’s presence in our most ordinary moments. Do you see him or do you miss him because you are distracted by your own plans? 

In the midst of ordinary, He’s calling us to do extraordinary work. But it only happens when we say yes to God. 

Say YES to God using you. 
Say YES to allowing Him to work despite the slavery you seem stuck in.
Say YES to believing He can work through you despite your sins and shortcomings. 
Say YES to something He’s asking you to give up, even if it’s a PB&J sandwich.  

“It is difficult to steer a parked car, so get moving.”

― Henrietta C. Mears

In the midst of our everyday lives, God steps in to grab our attention and reveal Himself to us.

In 2020, I’m going to keep a journal of the extraordinary ways He touches me in the ordinary routines of life. I want to encourage you to do the same.

Are you ready to see God in your ordinary lives? Do you want to hear the voice of God and recognize Him as you go about your daily business? Do you want a more productive 2020? Get in the car and start the engine! If you need help starting your car or steering it in the right direction, let me help

Before you commit, I’m honored to offer you a FREE 30-minute session so we can get to know each other and gain an understanding of where you are right now and where you want to be as you travel down the road of life.