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While We Wait

Last week I took a cruised through Canada and New England with some family and friends. When we were in Montreal, our tour guides treated on a city bus tour. We traveled to Mount Royal Park and enjoyed the park along with the fantastic view of this beautiful city. It was breathtaking—blooming flowers, flourishing trees, and winding rivers were spread out before us.

As our group made our way down the mountain, a few of us were discussing disturbing and crazy things people do in the world today. Two of the ladies began talking about heaven and how much they were looking forward to it.

I also am looking forward to it. I look forward to walking along the golden streets. I want to see pain and suffering finally end. I’m ready to say goodbye to disease, crime, and politics.

Even though that time has not yet come for us, God gives us moments in life that we can enjoy. It might be watching a child giggle, seeing a rainbow, or overlooking a beautiful city in a foreign country.

He gives us these gifts while we wait, but it’s up to us to receive and enjoy them. We have the choice to complain about the rain or look for a rainbow.

We can complain that our baby is keeping us up all night or be grateful that we have one.

We can focus on the crime of the city, or we can overlook the city and see the beauty.

What do you see in your life while you wait?