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Why Every Speaker & Writer Should Give Away an Ebook

As a speaker or a writer, you  most likely are already using an email list to communicate with your audience. But what about growing your list? We should always on the lookout for efficient ways to quickly build our audience and one way to create a buzz and increase your email list is to give away an ebook.

An ebook is an extremely powerful online format that has grown over the years as people switch to smartphones and reading devices like Kindles. Giving away an ebook has become a very popular “subscriber magnet” for just about every industry in order to grow their lists.

Growing your list will give you more eyes on your writing, your gifts and your books which will add up to more sales! These short little books have also been known to help land speaking engagements as well as be invited to participate in guest posts and media interviews.

In order to receive a powerful impact from your efforts, your ebook has to be interesting and well done. Make sure your ebook is well written with a good cover design keeping in mind that it will be a representation of you and your brand. You want to build up a list of targeted readers who will enjoy your writing and become loyal fans. Those loyal fans are the ones that will be committed to hearing from you regularly and will purchase additional books in the future.

Of course, the information you send out in your blog is as critical as capturing addresses and sending them a beautiful free ebook. If you bombard them every day with uninteresting information, they will likely unsubscribe and that isn’t going to help you much.

Want a great way to build a buzz or generate website visitors on social media or at speaking engagement? Announce you have a free ebook and encourage them to sign up. Promoting your book in a no-pressure and creative way will help you connect with your audience and engage with future prospects with ease. Plus, ebooks are super easy to share and you will often find that people forward them to family and friends which will get yourself introduced to your writing without doing anything.

Here’s how it works:

Readers give you their email when they sign up your newsletter in exchange for your freebie. (aka bribe!) Depending on how you set the free ebook up, they can instantly download it, or they will receive the book or a link directly to their email inbox. The important thing is that you have it set up so it automatically generates the freebie which will save you time and the reader won’t be frustrated waiting for it to arrive.

What kind of ebook do I give away?

You don’t have to give away one of the books you are selling, instead, you can offer a freebie that is related to your books, a how-to guide that is related to your topic, or simply sharing prayers or devotionals. Whatever you do, the idea is to get readers talking about you and your books.

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